Friday, December 4, 2009
Hello Again Everyone!
Kim here, again :P
the new 201 '10 blog is doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
Click Here
To go to the new blog :D
I know the link is incredibly long and if you have a better much nicer url, please suggest!
the new account details can be found in the new blog,
so, go now! :D

- 8:42 PM -

This is Kim :D
I have made the 201 blogskin, and will have the blog ready soon.
will post it up after it's done.
and I APOLOGIZE because it will be under another blogger account, because I FORGOT the username email for this blogger account (I'm posting through my own account) and so
to prevent inconvenience, the password for the new account will be THE SAME.
I'll post the new username of the new account together with the link to the 201 blog.
because I haven't created it yet lol.

and there'll be a new tag board :D


- 7:27 PM -

Dedications before i fly away...
Saturday, November 7, 2009

1 year had past, or rather 1 year is coming to an end ): I will be flying to this faraway island called China from 13 nov to 28 dec in case you wonder... ^^ And i doubt i will be able to blog during this long long holiday due to the packed schedule and return with hini if you galz don't mind cause i can' get vaccination unfortunately. Anyway, thanks to all the dear 1o1 babies for making this year so fun and fruitful! We'll still be as bounded as this year in sec 2 i believe! Have a great holiday(:

Hyper babY~

- 4:09 PM -

Friday, October 2, 2009
I'm just wondering who wants a class tee next year. Cos I would like to have one. SO...WHAT DO YA THINK?

A.K.A Squirrel

- 5:00 PM -

Friday, September 18, 2009
ImageChef Photo Template -

Ok, yeah, don't you find me nice?? finally i'm able to create some useful stuffs(: Teehee... ^^ And, oh, couldn't get any wanglaoshi with mr sim's he2 ying3, ya, so just put one butterfly to represent lor. haha. And sorry, i don't know who's face la, think is yiyuan and huisze? Sorry its ganna cut off, i tried my best k? Cause the image chef only allows me to er... have a square photo and thats the maximum i can get. Sorry sorry...
Ya, i will try to post some more to light up the dimly lit dommy 1o1 blog, to push that DEAD DOG erhem* down(Let what you all say). Haha, by tomorrow i'll go c, if there are nicce and interesting one, then i edit and upload another one. And oh! If you wanna be the famous and nice nice person or you have a nice photo of mr sim/wanglaoshi/any other teachers (PS: No unglam ones), pass it to me then i can put it up like the ones above(:
Thank ya!
Hongying says Muaks!

- 8:21 PM -

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ohkay... It isn't any sort of DEAD dog, but is one that tends to relax and dooze off...
So! ya, relax and jiayou for blocks, and er... Don't dooze off during block test in case you tried to follow that in-appropriate position of the dear little doggie... Later the examiner think you are trying to get inspiration from the ceiling *WEirDo

- 12:15 PM -

Oh ok. since we caused so much unneccssary problems with the tagboard and stuff,
I deleted all the posts, so we can have a new start.
and to clarify, our messages were not meant to intentionally insult anyone, and the colour of the Class T was decided way before school started.


Ps : please watch your language when you tag at the tagboard.

- 11:58 AM -

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello peepo! Hehheh, i was just feeling kinda bored so ya...
And please not here, if you can't find your names in there, please tell me k?
Then i can go change it(:
Oh and give some comments at the tagbard:D


- 6:50 PM -

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
(Down, Booogie, Down, Boogie...)
Lets Groove tonight
Share the spice of life
Baby Slice it right
We gonna Groove tonight

Let this groove, get you to move,
it's alright, alright, alright
let this groove, set in your shoes,
So, stand up, alright, alright

Gonna tell you what you can do,
with my love, alright
Let you know girl you looking good
you're out of sight, alright

Just Move yourself and glide like a 747
And lose yourself in the sky among the clouds in the heavens

Let this groove, light up your fuse, its alright, alright, alright
Let this groove, set in your shoes

So, stand up, alright, alright
Let me tell you what you can do
with my love, alright

Gotta let you know girl you're looking good
you're out of sight, alright

Just Tell the DJ to play your favorite tune
then you know it's okay
What you found is happening now

Let this groove, get you to move, its alright, alright, alright
Let this groove set in your shoes
So stand up, alright, alright

You will find peace of mind on the floor
Take a little time, come and see, you and me
give a little sign, I'll be there after a while
if you want my love

We can boogie on down, down,we boogie on down, down, we boogie on down, down, we boogie on down...

Let's groove tonight
share the spice of life
baby slice it right
we're gonna groove tonight

Let this groove, light up your fuse, its alright, alright, alright
Let this groove set in your shoes
So stand up, alright, alright

- 8:05 PM -

k, here's the updated version of '老师'.

sing along with the piano version (without looking at the lyric if u can)

你 就 是 我 的 老 师 
教 导 著 我 的 老 师 
从 此 我 变 得 更 优 秀

你 就 是 我 的 老 师 
给 我 知 识 的 老 师  
甚 至 我 学 会 了 飞 翔

经 过 老 师 的 教 导
才 懂 智 慧 是 宝 藏
不 管 学 习 有 多 么 困 难
只 要 有 你 就 会 是 课 堂

像 作 家 依 赖 著 灵 感 
像 幼 苗 依 赖 着 阳 光
你 就 是 我 的 老 师 
给 我 依 赖
给 我 力 量

像 画 家 依 赖 着 想 象
像 明 天 依 赖 希 望
你 是 我 们
你 是 我 们

你 是 我 们 最 棒 的 老 师

- 6:48 PM -

Monday, July 13, 2009
Hey, 1o1! First time posting here. Anyway, I just change the song for 天使 to the '老师' version. Cos i don think that if we sing a song bout 天使 during teachers' day celebration, doesn really fit, huh? anyway, this is just a suggestion. But still hope u all will like it. Hope u all will agree to use it. N of course, the words can b change:)


你 就 是 我 的 老 师 
教 导 著 我 的 老 师 
从 此 我 变 得 更 优 秀

你 就 是 我 的 老 师 
给 我 知 识 的 老 师  
甚 至 我 学 会 了 飞 翔

经 过 半 年 的 教 导
才 懂 智 慧 是 宝 藏
不 管 学 习 会 有 多 困 难
只 要 有 你 就 会 是 课 堂

像 作 家 依 赖 著 灵 感 
像 功 课 依 赖 着 努 力
你 就 是 我 的 老 师 
给 我 依 赖
给 我 力 量

像 诗 人 依 赖 著 月 亮 
像 考 试 依 赖 智 慧
你 是 我 们
的 好 老 师

你 是 我 心 中 最 棒 的 老 师

Hope u like it!


- 5:37 PM -

Saturday, July 11, 2009
hello ppl.
found this song by Celine Dion that is quite nice, thought it might be useful for tcher's day.

here are the lyrics :

For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you I'll be forever thankful baby
You're the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You're the one who saw me through through it all

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all
I'm grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don't know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
A light in the dark shining your love into my life
You've been my inspiration
Through the lies you were the truth
My world is a better place because of you

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

enjoy. (:

-shroomy head letitia.

- 11:29 PM -

Regarding the Teachers' Day performance, here's my contribution.







we can use a piano arrangement by someone in class or just use the track. Yeah, that's about it, click on the link and listen!

outta here now, b.lin

- 1:34 PM -

Friday, July 10, 2009
this is the math rep speaking currently; 3 things i want to talk abt.

1) i. complete corrections + ask parents to sign for quiz 11 and BRING ON MONDAY

ii. complete corrections + ask parents to sign for written task 1 and BRING ON MONDAY

iii. complete SALE 2 corrections and BRING ON MONDAY

*Just a brief reminder : Do golden ratio worksheet and BRING ON MONDAY

**Any extra corrections you have yet to give ms teo BRING ON MONDAY

BRING ON MONDAY + give me...don't stuff it in your bag and forget about it...

2) Suggestion for teachers' day song

Ehem, don't blame me if you hate this song... ;(

urh, it's just a suggestion and...just don't bother about her 70s voice...

3) SUPPORT LIMELIGHT!!! :)))))))))))))))
pls help us (choir members) coz each of us have to meet a quota of at least 10 tickets and those who have less than 10 have to book another 5 more tickets. pls support us... choir has put LOTS OF EFFORT to have this performance (right????...) yes, so if you can, come support support. note: we are NOT forcing you. :)

So anyways, only the 1st message is important....pls bring okay??? thank you very much
- sha ron

- 9:49 PM -

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 more thing...As the funfair had been postponed, those who are preparing food(e.g.brownies) and other stuff pls take note. The new date is not released just get your ingredients and all sorts of stuff ready.


- 3:22 PM -

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Pls pass this messageto all 101 students.(from wang lao shi)

There's a parents letter regarding H1N1 on LMS. Pls remind your parents to check and submit your reply slip on the 1st day of school. Pls mass sms everyone you know from our class if you are not sure about the phone relay system.(pls send to at least 5 ppl in the class)

- 8:02 PM -

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

it's me again.
here's the final final finallllll. design for our class t `cause it has to be sent for printing ASAP!
so that we can all wear it on the funfair!! <3 size="1">damn those suppliers!!
lol I didnt say anything~
haha ok. so
thats it.

- 11:21 PM -

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Pls help to inform these ppls to give me their sizes as fast as possible!(to those who read this):
If not everybody gimme their sizes,then I don't think we will be wearing it during funfair...

jit yee
xin yu
tze she
yuan min


- 6:57 PM -

Saturday, June 13, 2009
(click for full view)

here is the size chart from the supplier's web,
please SMS your size to Jia Hui by 16 June , if you don't know her number, you may ask me or beilin or anyone else who knows her number. thanks :D
the shirt will most probably cost $12.90, hope everyone's fine with that.

- Kim

- 12:07 PM -

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Pls support Nanyang Choir for Limelight!! :)

When: 29 Jul' 09(Wed) 7.30 pm

Where: Esplanade (Mrt: City Hall)

$$: $16 for child $21 for adults

5 reasons why you should come:

1. We will be singing all types of songs ranging from Eastern Europe songs to Disney medley.

2. It's in Esplanade!! big with aiir con... hehheh

3. Won SYF Gold w honours!

4. May our heavenly voices bless you for block test(said by choir pres)

5. Must support your choir fwens from sec 1!!

Pls come SUPPORT us!!! Ask your sister, your brother, your aunty, your uncle, your dog, your cat etc etc.

Go to any choir people to book tickets or else it would be very sad to see that the esplanade concert hall is like not even 1/2 filled. Planning to make it FULL HOUSE!! So please come support...

~sharon :)))

- 10:36 AM -

Monday, June 8, 2009

Casino Affiliate Program poll

- 9:30 PM -

this is the final version for my deisgn of the class t :D
I know the gold and silver are both FAIL Lol.
and I changed the font for NYGH, and yea it'll most likely be over 4cm in the real shirt.. I think :x (thanks lin bei for the font recommendation :D)
oh I also sized down the image on the front view, to save money and, well, srsly, if it was that big and printed out, its gonna be more costly and uh, very crowded on the shirt? O_o
hm, guess I'm done here :D
tata! - Kim

- 3:50 PM -

Class Tee

Hi everyone:)
This is my design.
It's so-so, but I just wanted to contribute.
Anyway, I have changed my mind and shall be buying the class tee with the condition that the cost doesn't exceed $20. Please try to take note of the cost and try not to make it too expensive. :)
Happy hols!
~Ooi Shu Hui

- 2:37 AM -

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hello all! Thanks for the comments and suggestions,
here is the improved version of the design (:
Changed the font of the back, edited the colours and added some brushes to the front design, lol
well. honestly the front seems too.. crowded.. lol.. so if there's a need I may resize it..
and yea, if you still think the font at the back still require changes please tell me. thks

- 10:15 AM -

Saturday, June 6, 2009
yo 101! i'm finally posting something...

1) for the ideas and suggestions, the deadline is on 8 June,which means that any suggestions to improve on the designs need to be done, and voting will be from 9 June to 13 June(pls take note).After the voting deadline, the designs that have been chosen will be on the class tee and will be sent for printing, those who missed the voting session will not have a chance to choose, and no complains will be accepted.

2) for the funfair,each group have to prepare their own stuff and get ready the ingredients before school starts.(just a gentle reminder)


- 12:37 PM -

class list :D
ok, since we can't do the voting properly without at least 3 quarters of the class,
we gotta make them visit the class blog. so yeah,
try to mass sms, send emails, facebook, msn, and anyway else you can notify people at 9 june,

tata, lin bei

Class List;
hongying- bei lin
grace- kim
hsi chien-hchien
jubilee- kim
lee shu hui-hchien
letitia- bei lin
xin ying- kim
jinglin- bei lin
ooi shu hui
pang xin
hui sze-hchien
rachel- kim
svena- jia hui
jit yee- bei lin
xinyu- bei lin
bei lin- bei lin
sushi- bei lin
xinge- overseas
yuan min-jiahui
cai wen-hchien
zhong xin- overseas

update if you know anyone is out of town and label those that you can notify with your name :D
jia hui shall be our rubbish collector :D she'll take our leftovers :D

- 11:21 AM -

New Design
Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hii, here is my design for class tee.
Basically drawing on the theme panda which is also our class icon
Feel free to give comments=)
*Edited version on the colours

- 1:43 PM -

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
ok, 3 designs posted so far,
shall we stop at 5 designs? then we vote?
or do you wanna stop here, different people help to improve the designs then we vote?

tada, b.lin

- 1:44 PM -

it's me again.
ahhaha. with a new submission of class T designs. ( click to enlarge )
The colours are all interchangable, so please dont worry if you dont like the colours,
its to my personal preference only :D `(now you probably know why the class blogskin is this colour..)
haha, and the back is JERSEY STYLE !
I wonder if its similar to 108's one? maybe not. sorry.
ohh and I know the back is very plain, so, will need your help on that yeah.

Ja ! - Kim

- 10:47 AM -

Monday, June 1, 2009
new design, haha. actually this one is thought out by jiahui fangni and me long ago.
yeah, so here is the digital version. colours can be changed, suggestions will be great.

oh yes, this can be back or front. depending.
the place where i put my name and index no. will be changed to yours if this idea is finalised.

tata, bei lin i used my real name again!

- 1:51 PM -

me again, too enthu alr. taha.
Saturday, May 30, 2009

ok, I know I'm super enthu about this. But you need a motivator what...

anyway, this is the template you can use to put your picture in, the back, just use this but label clearly!
you can change colour in editting software, photoshop, gimp, and even paint i think.
Jiayou! Keep designing
taha, bei lin (: i used my real name

- 7:26 PM -

Holiday Enjoyment! Yeah!

Here is a list of holiday enjoyment for 101:

1. History Assignment - Mind map
2. Geography Assignment3- Fieldwork
3. Ace-Learning
- Fundamental Algebra
- Expansion & Factorization
- Solving Algebraic Equations
Math WS SALE 2
8. BRP Proposal

9. Maths Self-learning Module (Basic Geometrical Concepts and their Properties) - go to learn


Do post your questions or enquiries here so that everyone can discuss about them =)


- 7:08 PM -

cool site
Just found this site,
so if anyone wants to test out how your design will turn out on the shirt, you can test here.
Have fun,

tada, lin bei :D

- 6:17 PM -

Ok haha, here's my design lalala :P
I'm not sure if its appropriate but. whatever =.=

- 5:36 PM -


Yes! I can finally post here, anyway.

yeah, here is the picture i promised jia hui to make, but i've decided to post here, hah. It's at my blog too, but I might as well post it here too.

yeaps, colours can be changed. In fact, everything can be changed.

But the rest of the entire shirt design shall be contributed by the rest of you smarties (:

yada, b.lin

- 5:24 PM -

CLASS FUND (19.5.09)
Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Hey babes of 1o1.
Just to remind u in case u forget.......
reg 1-10 ----- recess thursday (21.5.09)
reg 11-20 ------ lunch thursday (21.5.09)
reg 21-32 ----- recess friday (22.5.09)
pls read this HONESTLY.
got to pay the debts by this week. >.<
and sry, for being such a horrible and naggy person.
yea, ur co-operation will be much appreciated. THANKS babes~
xoxo, gossip girl. lol, grace. (;

- 12:29 PM -

who is a twilight fan?
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

- 12:57 AM -

MyScene wallpapers

- 12:53 AM -

back to schoolz


Heyhey... >.<

How is everyone feeling now? ^.^

Well, perhaps some of us were not able to cope with holiday homework...{some of us? well, okay, most of us} o.O

Anyway, did you all have to drag your lazy & sleepy bodies

to school on Monday, 1st day returning to school?

Hmm...then that is not too good... *-*

However, I do have to agree that it was good seeing everyone

again after one week! >.<

What did you all think?

Some were hyper as usual while some just chit-chatted on their own. But it was nice to be back in schoolz.

Yep folks, that's all, I have talked about what I was supposed to talk about, so goodbye!

A bientôt! Sayonara! 再见!Ciao!

[wow, we're going international...lolz]


- 12:37 AM -

Friday, March 20, 2009
Uhm, Well, today I came to this blog happily, and I realised the tagboard was MISSING.
yes well, but probably by the time you're here, I've already put it back on.. ok..
so.. is there anyone here with an issue with the tagboard here?
or if you just deleted it accidentally, yea I knw that can happen and I didn't give you guys the cbox user and password, my bad, ok..
so well.. I hope.. yea the tagboard's there to chat and all, and it's not for whatever bad purposes
to actually make someone delete it away =.=
so next time if you have any issues with the tagboard being there please say so before removing it :D

atleast pity me who has to go all the way back to get the code for cbox again ._.

- 3:26 PM -

Sunday, March 15, 2009
BoldHey 101! It's Xin Ying here(a.k.a PE rep)

Just a little reminder(more of bad news):

PE assesment is after the march hols, should be on Monday!
Single leg take-off long jump and javelin tested!

But still enjoy your march hols!!! :)

- 12:43 PM -

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Hello peeps, haha , i am very very bored though(:
Anyway since my blog URL is freakingly sux, so i have decided to change it! haha...
So, erm... just click on the links n ya... Oh yes, n remember to relink kk?
Hong Ying...

- 2:22 PM -

-~-~-~Hey hey there!-~-~-~
Monday, March 9, 2009
1oh1 gals, we rock! ;D
i bet we know each other more during lsc, right?
i was chatting with my girlfriends until so late at night!!!
no wonder i woke up later than usual the next morning...
but anyway, i am just sooo glad that we have forged even closer knit bonds among ourselves, the 1o1 artists, and hope we shall remain friends 4eva...yeah...
yours truly,
your 1o1 mate---shuhui(i'll let you all guess which shuhui this is!ha!)---

- 12:09 AM -

Sunday, March 8, 2009
101 super HYPER yeahz!

Keep up the spirit 101 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey 101, you look so HOT today so SEXY!

And nice pics.


- 10:44 AM -

love 1-oh-1 4-eva and eva!!!
Saturday, March 7, 2009
luv 1-oh-1 4eva!
all of us are so special, making up a part of this unique class!
32 puzzle pieces, 1 amazing class!
may the 1-oh-1 spirit live on in our hearts forever!
three cheers and three cheers and three cheers for 1o1!

- 7:34 PM -

LSC pix

Ok people, da sexy and hot pix are comin out from the oven!!! LOL, hope u like them!!! BTW, puttin them on FB too. If i hav da time lar! ENJOY!

Class photo!!! :)

- 6:04 PM -

LSC, woohoo!
Hi people!
LSC was superb!!! DID really really well in LSC! The talentime was a B-L-A-S-T!!! I think we did the BEST in talentime!
Last thing, drink more milo! WOO HOO!!!! (:

oneohone-er AKA grace ;)

- 1:53 PM -

Lifeskills Camp was a BLAST!
Friday, March 6, 2009
Hi 1-oh-1!!!

LSC was so super-duper fun!!! ;D

I bet everyone totally enjoyed it.

Hong Ying is really high!
Rachel was the same too during LSC!

Although we didn't win Talentime, at least we tried our very best and put our best foot forward. So, don't fret, 101! :)

Okay, signing 5...4...3...2...1...kaboom^_^

Your lovely one-oh-one-er...woohoo 1o1!!!

1o1 rules the cool,
1o1 does not fool.
We're the rulers of the arts,
we will never go apart.
We are having lots of fun,
don't you envy 1o1!

- 10:46 PM -

Good Job 101!
Though we didn't win our talentime, but good job! We did pretty well! Don't get upset cause we had all put in our efforts right? So anyway jia you always for the next time! We are always 101!!

101 rules the cool,
101 does not fool.
We're the rulers of the arts,
we will never go apart!
We are having lots of fun,
don't you envy 101!


We can do it!

(I drank 2 packet of milo, so this is the result)

- 9:15 PM -

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Uhm, Hello!
Mm.. just updated the Class list for CCA not everyone's though..
so yeah, please tell me your cca in the tagboard or something if your cca is not there or its wrong,
would also appreciate your birthday!
hah.. okay..

and I'm updating the song requests..


- 8:27 PM -

class breakfast
Monday, February 16, 2009
Hi, oneohone-ers! (:
We came up with something 4 the talentime! HAHA! Good 4 us!
By the way, i was thinking if you people would want to have a class breakfast together? :D Ya, it's gonna be fun! 1o1's 1st class breakfast! U can bring ur camera to take class photos. Both formal and informal! :p It's best to bring our own food too. Cakes, pastries, biscuits, sandwiches, pasta... WHATEVER U WANT! Hehe. If u agree with this idea, erm... could u pls leave me a tag?! ;) Thanks! See u girlfriends in school tmrw!
Love, oneohone-er (:

- 3:24 PM -

Thursday, February 12, 2009
Hi, oneohone-ers!
Yay! We got 2 skip lessons 4 investiture. Anyway, we did a gd job painting all the boxes... Haha! Cheers 4 us! JIA YOU for tmrw's Language Arts SIA!!! PPL, post more...
LOVE, oneohone-er :)

- 5:51 PM -

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Hey 1o1!!
HW is piling up now, so stress but must jiayous!

- 7:43 PM -

Hey, heard from angel polkiepop that we may not be able to have a class tee this year,
so until we comfirm it, lets postpone the details about the shirt first yea?
Hm, so I'm making the playlist now, whatever songs you want just drop them at the tagboard,
I'll add them asap, and well, I'm sorry if I miss it because of too many tags..


- 3:44 PM -

cLasS ONeOhoNe :)
Sunday, February 8, 2009
Hi oneohone-ers! :)
How was ur weekend? Anyway, hope u r doing great!!! xD Haha! PPL, we gotta post more... the blog's like DEAD!!!
BTW, Bei Lin suggested if we could design a class tee! :D Yep! So, what colour do u want da class tee to be? BLACK, WHITE, BLUE, PURPLE??? Leave your suggestion in the tagboard! :D See ya girlfrenz (fren) tmrw in school! ;D
love, oneohone-er xD

- 7:13 PM -

Friday, February 6, 2009
Hi everyone!! Just asking, do you guys wanna have an annual end-of-the-year class party? Please write your opinions in the tagboard! thks^^
Hong Ying

- 8:11 PM -

1oh1 is number 1 !!!!!
Thursday, February 5, 2009
Gosh, so much homework 2day...
Can't wait 4 lifeskills camp!!! :D 5 minute shower, FUN!!! Haha!
Gotta do hw. SEE YA! xD

- 8:39 PM -

Ahh! no one is posting, RAWR.
okay whatever, I updated the name list already,
well, tell me your cca and your birthday and whether you are in aep or not so I can complete it.
sigh, shall go update the teacher's name list..


- 4:38 PM -

Monday, February 2, 2009
yes the class blog is finally doneee !!
hahaha, oh you can get the user and pass if you want from me yeah
and try to visit this blog often okay?
don't want a dead class blog...
haha, ok the blog url is only temporary?
better suggestions at the tagboard please, other ones doesnt work,
and since most of us read manga/watch anime, I used Jap, sorry to those who doesn't !!


- 4:24 PM -